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if needed once it goes to city hall. now i was told that oakland city administrator will meet with council members and advise them on ways to prevent another shut down. the city council members would not provide us any details on. >> we have new rules but we're not enforcing them, that's why i think it got to the level that it got. >> reporter: now there's several private security guards walking around oakland city hall today. once again we're on our way. the march is on again. people are back out here gathering. we've seen 30 to 40 people out here getting ready to march to city hall. there's a group already at city hall taking part of a protest there. we will march with this group and if something breaks we will bring it to you. if not we will see you tonight at 6:00 for the meeting. until then, paul chambers, ktvu news. >>> ktvu's rita williams with what appears to be a disturbing trend after five shootings in just days. >> reporter: oakland has seen spikes before but this one is dramatic. four killed in oakland in just nine hours, statistics to some, to others the loss of real people
fire. it broke out at this home on linda florez street in the city's bariesta neighborhood. the fire did some heavy damage. family members said they heard an explosion and felt the house shake before they saw the fire. >> there was an explosion and the kids came running and said there was an explosion in my room. we opened the door and there was smoke everywhere. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation. a hazmat team has been called in to investigate. pg & e did an investigation. >>> that super storm continues to cause massive problems over mid-atlantic states. so far 7 million are without power. our health and science editor john fowler has been monitoring the storm and is here now with some remarkable pictures to show just how bad this storm is. >> look at this a levee breech in new jersey crews still looking for survivors. early this morning, three towns submerged. as many as 100 homes destroyed. winds topped 90-miles-an-hour in new york city a historic 13- foot storm surge flooded the city's subway system it could be four days before trains run again. 260 patie
city still have no motive in the brutal killing of two young children from a family with bay area ties. all day today mothers and nannies left flowers outside the family's apartment. the family's nanny stabbed to death their 2-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl then slit her own throat. she's in a medically induced coma. the children's mother found the bodies when she returned home. the father, kevin krim is a cnbc executive but also worked as a vice president at yahoo in in the bay area. neighbors are in shock. >> i have two young children myself. this hits close to home. unmanageable. >> nothing any of us can do. but our heart goose out to the mom and dad. >> investigators have no motive for the killings and hope to be able to interview the nanny soon. >>> in oakland help may be on the way. officers will be partnering with oakland police to patrol the streets. allie rasmus says some questions have to be answered. >> reporter: this partnership between oakland police and the chp comes to welcome news. in front of this building here behind me is where the city's 101st homicide happened ea
at the ceremony taking place right now in city hall. stevens death and the investigation into what happened is expected to come up in tonight's presidential debate. for now friends, family and strangers are gathered here at city hall to celebrate his life and his achievements. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> today's service began with a tribute video to ambassador stevens. the video features chris stevens introducing himself as the ambassador to libya. it mentioned his accomplishments in the middle east. chris also expresses his accomplishments in libya. >>> there are a lot of things you can say about chris stevens one of them is he always seemed to be smiling. rita williams got to know his parents and today they shared stories about their son. including why his family called him ambassador years before he became a real ambassador. >> reporter: as chris stevens parents told me a few weeks ago they wanted to be sure that today this is a celebration of their son's life not how he died. >> that's chris as a brand new baby. >> reporter: his proud mothe
. >> this was to long, to late, and to loud. >> a city approved rabe in oakland brings hundreds of complaints mile away. why those behind the event say they did nothing wrong. . . and tens of thousands turn out for a high tech event. the big announcement oracle is making. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather hoppings. we start this 5:00 hour with breaking news out of san carlos where a shooting crash has shut down a portion of southbound highway 101. the police say an parent shooting victim was involved in a crash near the holly street exit. authorities say a vehicle was seen swerving before it veered off the roadway. we don't know the extent of the victim's injuries. the traffic is stopped in the southbound lanes and some people were standing outside of their cars. if we get more information on the breaking story we will of course bring it to you during the course of this newscast. >>> now to developing news that we are following for you off the san mateo coast. the coast guard launching a search for t
early edition of ktvu channel 2 news at 4. >>> a richmond city councilman is changing his tactics in an effort to get chevron to pay for the economic impact of that huge refinery hire. jeff says the august 5 fire set the city and its residents back in several ways. he had planned to introduce a proposal for a compensation package. but last night, he pulled that apologize off the city council's agenda. he still says he plans to pursue the idea. chevron said in an e-mail that it plans to provide financial compensation for documented medical and property damage expenses. >>> authorities are trying to figure out who killed a motorcyclist from san jose who disappeared one month ago from a party in san jose. a hiker found the body of 32- year-old eric dean garcia near mt. bashe. an autopsy led to the homicide determination. garcia's motorcycle is still missing. >>> a judge in hayward has thrown out a discrimination lawsuit filed by the oakland police department by one of its investigators. the sergeant claimed he was targeted for religious reasons. the judge ruled longmeyer failed to pr
. they are planning a week long series of protests. >>> it was hot yesterday and another hot one today. 88 in the city right now? >> yeah. hotter today than yesterday. san francisco right now 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. big heat up. we might see records here. the big story is the heat. not just inland, antioch, pittsburg but heat in san francisco, oakland, low 90s. along the coast, clear, sunny. and no fog. i don't see any fog right now. the winds, the winds off shore, they are coming -- that is a swell. southwest at 15. they are gusting to 20. why do i look that winds? that is the -- once the winds fly temperatures fall. onshore wind that gate right now. increasing winds tonight and tomorrow and temperatures cool tomorrow but not a lot. along the coast and bay, they will come down but inland upper 90s. coastal fog, no fog. very shallow marine layer. moisture and cool air. smashes it down, blown it off shore. you got temperatures right now at the cliff house in san francisco, temperatures in the 70s. that is pretty unusually warm for that area. 99 antioch. 98 fairfield. 96 redwood c
, wearing all black and riding a blue bike. >>> the city of oakland is suing the government to prevent the seizure of a building. the property in question is a medical marijuana dispensary called the harbor side health center. it operates under a city issued permit. it asks the court to declare the government's attempt to close it down as unlawful. >>> the supreme court heard arguments in a case that could have effects on college admissions. demonstrators gathered. the appeal involve as lawsuit filed by a student who claims she was denied admission to the university of texas because of her race. they say the court has become conservative. >>> a slight drop in the number of job opens is a sign of a slow recovery. there were 30,000 fewer job opening in august compared to july. and the rate at which workers quit stayed the same for six months in a row. before the recession it was above 2%. on wall street today stocks fell as the earnings season gets underway. the dow is down 128 to 13,344. the nasdaq is down 13 at 3,051. >>> standard and poor's hit spain with a down grade today. they said
the world series will bring in alot of fun for the city, there is a bigger benefit. >> reporter: san francisco businesses are hoping for a big win as well. fans are not the only one excited about this. at $16 the special of the week at san francisco's prospect restaurant, a slow cooked each, nestled in italian black rice. the colors of the san francisco giants. >> i think we will call it the homerun. >> reporter: san francisco businesses hoping for a financial grand slam with the world series start on wednesday. the city is coming off one of the strongest summers for tourism in years. the games are said to add to the wind fall. >> we are excited about this. >> >> reporter: the city's 34,000 rooms are filling up. >> they are coming from across the country. regionally, we saw in 2010, that people come from other areas around the bay area and actually stay in the city and enjoy the game. >> >> reporter: hard numbers are not available for how much the series netted in the 2010 series. we collect information on a monthly basis. two or three nights will he show up there. >> reporter: the m
city streets, a hundred more than usual. bart will add more cars to its regular trains. >> we could shatter ridership records. >> reporter: and there will be extra ferry service. eight boats will be in circulation, taking passengers from vallejo, oakland and alameda to san francisco. >> expect to carry between 10,000 and 12,000 people this weekend. >> reporter: now, another way to get around town is to do exactly what you see all these people doing here. walk. we've looked at the maps, charted the routes and determined it is possible to end up to just about every event this weekend on foot in a single day. we'll tell you how, coming up at 6:00. allie rasmus, channel 2news. >> again, the blue angels will be performing this weekend. one thing you can say about the blue angels is they only perform if there are clear skies. too much fog or cloud cover, and they won't go out. our chief meteorologist bill marth inn is tracking the weather for this weekend. bill, what do you think? >> yeah, they are going to be fine. we say clear skies, kind of like what we had today. today, they did pract
after a night of a protest. >> every time something happens, you know, they tear up our city. we have all these murders and all that. >> this mayor can not continue -- >> reporter: he says since last october protest done by groups like occupy cost the city $6.7 million and that number is growing. he expects more to be spent on lawsuits. >> we have to send a clear message, we will not allow you to do this. >> i am all for people's rights but all they are doing is damaging things for other people. >> reporter: police say the reason why there were no arrests is because by the time officers responded it was over. police are looking over surveillance video from businesses in the area and say in the past they were able to make arrests. in the news room, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police released mug shots of some of those who were arrested saturday. investigators arrested more than 20 people and only one person is an actual resident of san francisco. police think some of those may have been involved in another protest last month. most were arrested on riot. police
in mid december where the city of oakland is expected to fight the request. the latest in the long battle getting to this point is the monitor's just released report, criticizing the department's handling in nine police officer shootings. three of them were fatal. and it warned that some officers might face sanctions. >> i've done police shootings in many cities. but the problems with oakland are systemic and unique. >> reporter: no one from the police department responded to my request for comment today. but chief howard jordan posted this letter to the community. it says when officers fire a weapon, jordan trusts they will act professionally, ethically and with knowledge of the accountability of their actions. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman delivered grim news to investors today and the stock market was quite to react. tom here now with hp's announcement and the fallout. >> reporter: a true pioneer in technology circled the wagons today. meg whitman said the high-tech pioneering firm is on the road to recovery with downsizing well
to ban together. city and community leaders showed a united front. police say they are not connected but the victims were targeted. >> the city experienced five murders in just an 18 hour period. cannot be allowed to continue. >> people are dying. man, is anyone interested in that? i know houses are broken in to, robbery, theft, but how does that equate when you are dealing with the lives of human. >> they are working on a gun violence plan but some say that is not enough. they will work on plans that includes a focus on crime. >> be vigilant. it is 52 neighborhoods here. don't be so comfortable. >> reporter: leaders say it is time the governor stepped in and declared a state of emergency. >> oakland is a war zone. we need immediate help now. >> reporter: in two weeks they will kickoff their cease fire program, aimed at reducing gun violence and homicide. andlive, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ktvu learned attorneys filed a motion to place the oakland police department under federal control. earlier today the chief reacted to that recommendation. he says he hasn't seen the d
is outside city hall now so how much longer until they are expected to vote? >> reporter: it's going to be a while, particularly because of the public comment and interest in the case. i have come from inskied there is so much interest in the case you can't see city hall but they set up three rooms for people who couldn't get into the main chambers. let's go take a live look where the public comment is underway. it started about 45 minutes ago. supervisors also grilled the lawyers and city attorneys representing the mayor on arguments for and against sustaining official misconduct charges against him. earlier today more than 100 supporters rallied on the steps of city hall chanting reinstate ross. they describe the proceedings as a political conspiracy and a power grab by the mayor. domestic violence activists say there is no way he can seven as sheriff and administrator domestic violence programs after bruising his wife and pleading guilty to false imprisonment. it was found he committed official misconduct and he is fighting to hold onto his job. >> here really to enforce the peop
if it might be involved in the incident. san jose police say that the city's latest homicide is mostly a mystery. a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound at 1:00 this morning at this business park on rogers avenue. there is one preliminary conclusion. >> right now, we're not investigating it as a gang- related crime. but, again, as you know, those things could change. but there is no indication this was gang related. >> reporter: police have been interviewing possible witnesses at the only business there open at that hour, alo bar and restaurant and located 40 yards from the body. a neighboring business owner said that alo attracts large, rowdy crowds. >> the bar, music, strippers, violence, yes, broken bottles, smashed windows, just a mess in the morning to deal with sometimes. but i didn't think it was gonna go this far. san jose has been safe overall in the last two years. it's gotten worse. >> reporter: the homicide rate is a perplexing problem. this is the 37th city homicide this year, and there were 39 all of last year, the highest number in 15 years and 43 in 1997. the hi
the city $19,000 a year. the lights are set to go up in locations that are identified as high crime areas. >> these are sites the community and the police have nominated. it will make these 200 locations much safer because we know where the lighting is better there is less crime. >> pg&e is working with the city to pay for the program. >>> our weather now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off, mark tamayo filling in. >> clouds right now, cool temperatures and the possibility of a few sprinkles or a light shower. it won't be completely clear tonight. right now on live storm tracker two, you will notice activity right now closer to the richmond area, oakland. nothing too extreme here. we could have a few sprinkles. the main action is towards the south bay. here is san jose. airport. the bulk of the action closer to monterey bay. key headline, chance of a shower for the evening forecast. as far as current numbers, it is chilly out there. never warmed up too much out there. 50s to 60 degrees. antioch 60. oakland upper 50s. downtown san francisco 56. here is the forecast for had a's game
buz about the city sports wise. from the a's to the giants. packed for that yesterday. >> reporter: let's not forget the blue grass festival that is also tonight. live in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> this was also a big weekend for bart. there was record ridership yesterday. 319,000 people hopped on bart trains. that is a huge jump, considering 202,000 people ride on a average saturday. officials have been repairing for this weekend for a while. >>> california's recycling program is losing $200 million a year to fraud. the los angeles times reports truck loads come into california and the sate pays the -- state pays the refunds even though it never got the deposit. governor jerry brown signed a law to help stop the fraud. >>> the former head of a detail in libya is set to investigate the attack last month that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens. he said his security team was pulled out weeks before the attack. he says the state department should take action now. >> the state department should not wait for the conclusion of its review board. i think there
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